OUR VISION: We believe in the power of Worship and the power of God’s Word. As the name of Jesus is lifted high in worship we don’t doubt that Jesus will heal people from sickness, set people free from addictions and that God will draw people closer to have a God-given encounter!

As the Word of God is preached we can believe for the miraculous to happen, lives to be challenged and encouraged to reach the potential that God has for people! Yes, ALL people.


Our overall vision is to see people come into a relationship with Jesus and that those who have lost their way will find Jesus and the way that he offers. We see the lost being found!



We have a heart for ALL people and also extend our vision of seeing God move in the many Aboriginal Communities and Churches that will be gathering with us! We also believe that R3 Conference will be a great time for the local church in Western Sydney to come together and worship Jesus!

I believe and pray that this year is going to be a year of Revival and outpouring. So as you come to R3 Conference, come believing for God to pour out more of himself into your life! You will not leave empty!


Can’t wait to see you



Aaron & Malinda Wallace

Senior Pastors Riverland Christian Church.